August 30, 2021

Sit-kiting on the lake of Garda with the team from Alto Garda Kite (2021)

Time to say thank you! So many people have been involved over the last few years so that I could go kitesurfing.

A big thank you goes to:

The team from «Alto Garda Kite» in Italy with their first-class experience, a lot of passion for the sport, and foremost very big hearts!

Markus, who gave me his old board and the frame as a present and once offered to steer the boat which accompanied me on the lake.

Adrian, for spending hours and hours modifying my board and improving the safety.

My girlfriend, who always supported my crazy ideas and helped in any and every possible way.

Eric, for helping me build my board and for always being ready to share his kitesurf knowledge with me.

The team from «Surf Club Keros», who got me riding for the first time.

Rendel, for supporting me in the water and ensured my safety.

Tamara, who helped me with equipment and by sharing her grand knowledge.

Chris, for introducing me to the sport back in 2015.

All the people who helped me getting used to my board by going wakeboarding: Alain, Eddy, Sascha, Faid, Jocelyne, Rome, Salim...

The team from «Kitefun» in Switzerland with whom I did some preliminary exercises.

Jeff Desmarchelier for providing and editing the footage above.

Sit-kiting on the lake of Garda with the team from Alto Garda Kite (2021)